The specialization of interior design is one of the finest disciplines that introduces art and aesthetic creativity in it. The specialist in this field takes care of the environmental and cultural aspects to produce the work in a wonderful and distinctive way. To increase the success of this specialization, Shapes and build their images, and imagine the circumstances surrounding the work, to come out with a suitable design and very strong, fits the user and the general taste of the community.

Concept of interior design
It specializes in interior design of the house and concrete structures. It also deals with issues related to interior decoration, distribution of furniture on the house and attention to lighting, Ventilation, and air conditioning.

Many of us confuse interior design and decoration, and some believe that decoration is interior design, while correct that the interior design is more comprehensive, meaning that decoration is one aspect that the interior designer deals with. Decoration is a side that deals with aesthetics, while interior design deals with structure, composition and vacuum as well as its handling of the outer envelope of the vacuum is the decoration.

Fields of work for graduates of interior design
Work in the field of buildings
The interior design engineer can work in the field of residential and commercial buildings such as houses, restaurants, markets and offices. And can also work in the field of renovation of buildings, hotels or homes "Renovation"

Work in the field of designing kitchen and furniture decorations
He can work in furniture stores by designing furniture, or he can work in kitchen design.

Work in teaching
He can work in education in universities or educational institutions.

Freelance work "Freelancer"
It is that the designer is not committed to a company or contract in a factory but works for himself.

Interior designer jobs
The interior designer has a number of key functions:
Identify customer needs well.
Plan and conceptualize the aesthetic form and standard specifications.
View and submit the design in its final form.
Work the required drawings and prepare the required specifications of building materials, furniture and finishes.
Preparation of contracts for the client.
Dealing with those who provide professional services in the field of interior design and decoration.
Review the final design in the implementation phase and even after completion of the project.
Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of interior design
Istanbul Bilgi University
University of Sydney
In conclusion, all that is on our eyes or touch our hands is part of the interior design of the built environment, it is here the importance of interior design because it deals with users personally, the interior designer tries to meet the needs of the organic and psychological users.

Due to the quantity of detail, the different materials and the variety of materials constantly, as well as the variety of uses of buildings and interior spaces it was necessary to have specializations and divisions of the interior design profession.