Agricultural investment in Turkey's huge and intelligent project that can be foreign investors, especially the Arabs to realize the huge profits that have been planned well, where the Turkish government offers many facilities that encourage foreigners, especially Arabs to start agricultural investment projects on Turkish territory, where the Turkish government provides support for up to 50% of investment expenses in total does not include the price of land, next to 10% support for waste management, as the Turkish government and allow foreign investors to carry out agricultural investment projects in Turkey, provided that more than 74 acres, and certainly this law from the city varies Other.

As for the advantages of agricultural investment provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors are:

Exemption from customs duties.
Reduction of taxes and exemption from value added.
Allocation of agricultural land.
The Turkish government provides foreign investors to support the social security of the head of labor and workers, next to enjoy additional benefits if the foreign investor partner with an investor Turki like getting 50% support gift from the Turkish government of the Turkish investor.
Turkey is the seventh largest agricultural investment in the world, while it is the number one country in Europe. One of the objectives of Turkey to rise from this position and making the best arrangement and working on it already, and expect to see them more over the next five years, especially with the agricultural reclamation plans carried out on its territory, which is expected to increase the number of agricultural crops and thus increase the number of export crops Agricultural products.