Turkish agricultural sector and foreign investors

The agricultural sector in Turkey has witnessed an increase in foreign investments. GCC nationals are at the forefront of foreign investors in the Turkish agricultural sector. Investments in this field have increased by citizens of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

After 2000, agriculture in Turkey advanced, and the Turkish agricultural sector was ranked first in the world in agricultural production and competed with giant countries such as the United States. Turkey ranks third in the world, after India and China, in agricultural production, surpassing the United States, which ranks fourth. Turkey is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, where the Turkish agricultural products industry recorded 5.6 billion US dollars in trade surplus in 2014.

Turkey's arable land accounts for about 50% of the land in Turkey, and the optimal use of these lands, as well as the use of modern technology, have helped attract foreign investors and benefit from foreign capital in the development of agricultural production. Turkey's climate and geography also contributes to the production of many legumes, vegetables and fruits.

After the significant progress achieved by Turkey in this area, the Turkish government has called on foreign companies to invest in agriculture. The new framework of the Foreign Investment Law issued in 2003 guarantees equal treatment of investors without discrimination between foreign and local investors. The need to obtain an initial license application, as well as transfer of profits freely, entry into and ownership of the real estate market, protection against expropriation, as well as employment of expatriates and others. The Turkish Prime Minister's Investment Support and Promotion Agency is the official organization responsible for promoting the investment opportunities available in Turkey among the global business community and providing assistance to investors before and after their entry into Turkey and even after their stability.

Turkey's agricultural sector is currently one of the major pillars of the Turkish government's 2023 goals. Turkey aims to be one of the top five producers in the world by 2023.