The economy of Turkey is diversified and the country's GDP is growing increasingly, because it depends on several advanced economic sectors. These sectors include the industrial sector. Turkey has made tremendous progress on the industrial and technical level. The Turkish government has shown special interest in this sector, So that in a short time Turkey got advanced ranks in various industrial fields. Where the industry in Turkey is one of the most economic sectors on which the country depends on the gross output, and the most important Turkish industries are:

Car industry in Turkey
Shipbuilding in Turkey
Military Industries in Turkey
Steel and Iron Industries in Turkey
Turkey manufactures textile, food and beverage, electrical, automotive, chemical and leather products, and ranks third in textile exports after Germany and Italy. The plastic sector accounts for 28% of the Turkish exports. The sector exports its products to Iraq, Russia, Romania, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, the UK, Ukraine and Bulgaria. In addition, plastic exports increased by 30% in 2011, while the sector's exports of chemicals increased by 41% compared to 2010 exports. The income of the chemical industry amounted to 8 billion and 278 million USD. The automotive industry manufactured 1.2 million vehicles in 2011.