In recent years there has been a strong demand from many people to invest their money abroad. The best way to invest is to buy the property, which complements them to earn a quantity of money is not enough and when thinking about this matter can not be thought only in Turkey and specifically Istanbul, why Istanbul ??

In recent years, Turkey has seen a significant fall in revenues from rents and is expected to increase further in the coming years. In order for you to get the greatest benefit and profit possible to buy the property in Istanbul must be taken into account the choice of the appropriate location, where was and is still Istanbul is the first choice for all lovers of real estate investment outside their country, but there must be several standards in order to maximize the benefit of this property, for example , That the property is selected in a good location for the right investment.

Investment in the outskirts of Istanbul
Istanbul's downtown areas are among the areas most investors want to buy, but when they know their buying prices, they look to areas far away from the city center, for example, Essenyurt, Buyukkkimji, Bhajhshir.

There are also areas on the Asian side such as Pendik near Sabiha International Airport, Kadikoy, Ascodar so the investor must carefully study the sites to make the right decision always.