If you are planning to live in Turkey, you should first determine the type of stay in Turkey. Will you be for tourism or for work or for stability (in search of comfort and safety) and according to your monthly budget.

Living in Turkey varies according to the different Turkish cities. Istanbul is one of Turkey's most expensive cities in terms of cost of living, and therefore needs a large budget to meet the needs of the house. These include: rent, bills (water, electricity, gas, internet), food and clothing, The building where you live, which includes the service of cleaning the corridors and electricity bills corridor and the elevator of the building. Many people living in Istanbul have to work on more than one side, or more than one person in a single house has to work to meet the needs of the home. This is because wages paid to foreigners are somewhat small.

Antalya then Bursa and Yalova, Ankara and Izmir respectively after Istanbul in terms of cost of living. These cities are somewhat cheaper than Istanbul but can not be divided by cheap cities in terms of living and housing. In the case of Turkish cities, which are reasonably priced in terms of cost of living and accommodation, you should go to the south of Turkey. The more you go south, the lower the rents and the lower the cost of living: Mardin, Mersin, Orfa, Konya, and Kayseri, of the cities, which are characterized by their nature.

Life in these cities is described as easy life. But in this case you will be away from the capital Ankara, but there are in many Turkish cities, especially the cities mentioned in this article, some of the airports for internal and external flights, and some only for domestic flights, as well as convenient transport buses to transport passengers between Turkish cities at cheap prices .