Given the political and economic stability of Turkey compared to the chaos and instability in neighboring countries and Iraq in particular, Turkey has made safe haven for the Iraqi people or transit station to the EU countries.

The difficult conditions experienced by the Iraqis in their country have made many of them, especially businessmen, think of resorting to Turkey for the purpose of housing, stability or investment, especially with regard to buying villas and apartments or real estate investment and buying shops and commercial centers, and so Turkey was able to attract Iraqi businessmen to invest their money In Turkey and in particular the Turkish real estate world

The purchase of Iraqi real estate has increased in Turkey, especially in the past three years, which led Iraq to top the list of countries and ranked first after the Europeans were leading the list in buying property in different cities of Turkey.

According to the statistics of the Turkish Statistics Agency at the end of April of this year, the rate of sales of real estate to foreigners increased by 15.8% in March, and the continuation of the issuance of existing Iraqis, where the two existing lists buy 348 properties during the month of March only. According to the latest statistics of the Turkish Statistical Agency, the increase in the proportion of foreigners buying real estate in Turkey in the first half of this year by 31.1% compared to last year, and indications data that one third of the properties sold to foreigners during the first half of this year were mainly for the Iraqis.