Real estate sales in Turkey for 2019 and best selling cities for real estate

Tabu departments issued some important statistics regarding real estate sales for the year 2019, as the statistics included the nationalities of buyers, the arrangement of regions from best sellers to the least and other important information that reflects a clear picture of the real estate market in Turkey.

According to the statistics issued, the number of transactions that took place in the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey departments in all Turkish states totaled 2 million and 338 thousand and 269 sales transactions in Turkey.

And the fees collected from these transactions amounted to 10 billion and 312 million and 51 thousand and 628 Turkish liras. The total number of transactions executed in the Land Registry Services increased by 16% compared to the previous year.

Regarding the best-selling regions 2019:

Istanbul's Esenyurt region came in the forefront of the best-selling real estate areas with 33,194 sales, followed by Chan Kaya in the capital Ankara with 21,120 sales, and the Keci Oren region came in third with 20,526 sales, followed by Kepez in the state Antalya with 19,880 sales, 17,851 in Ankara Mamak, 16,98 on the Nilufer Stock Exchange, 15 thousand and 566 in Ankara Yenimahal, 14 thousand and 223 in Gaziantep, and 13 thousand and 744 in Konya Selcuk and Gaziantep Sekhkamil .

Average real estate sales in Turkey were 166 thousand and 465 TL

The General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey stated that there is a 22 per cent increase in the average financial amount for every sale in 2019, and that the average value per sale was 166 thousand and 465 pounds in 2019.