In view of the development of the Turkish real estate market and the interest of the Turkish government in the real estate market due to the importance of raising the economy of the country, the main and important benefits of buying real estate in Turkey by foreigners,

These benefits include:

Competitive prices

As a result of the increase in the number of projects that have been built, the prices of apartments have fallen, especially in residential complexes, which are offered for sale by real estate investment companies. This makes the Turkish real estate market better than the European real estate market, which are characterized by high prices compared to the Turkish real estate market.

The climate and scenic nature of Turkey

Turkey has a warm climate compared to the European countries, which are difficult to live because of the snow.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Turkey is cheap in terms of water, gas and electricity as well as food, clothing and transportation compared to other countries.

Easy access

Turkey is easily accessible from European countries and Middle East countries, providing many flights from all over the world to Turkey airports at reasonable prices provided by the airlines as well as the availability of buses that transport passengers between different cities and provinces of Turkey. Since Turkey is a tourist country, visa is very easy to compare with European countries, and many countries are exempt from visas.

Turkish accommodation

Getting a stay in Turkey is very easy, as there are no complicated conditions like European countries to obtain tourist accommodation. Once you have purchased the property in Turkey and registered it with your name, you are eligible for a residence in Turkey.

Full ownership

Turkey allows foreigners to buy property and enjoy full property rights. Where the owner of the property can sell his property at the time he wishes and without any restrictions.

Inheritance tax

Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, impose inheritance tax on property in the case of transfer of ownership to a member of the family sometimes up to 20%, which is not found in the real estate tax laws in Turkey.

Turkish History

Turkey is home to thousands of years old historical cities that are scattered all over Turkey, which has attracted many foreigners to love living and living in Turkey.

Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine has a variety of Turkish cuisine, which combines Eastern and Western dishes. Turkish breakfast is also very interesting and is served with a glass of Turkish tea.