Many of the foreigners from different countries are seeking to buy a house in Turkey, whether for housing or investment, because of Turkey's advantages, including: the strategic location and link between Asia and the Middle East and Europe, the Turkish government facilities in the ownership of foreigners for real estate in Turkey and the special value added tax exemption As well as Turkey's booming tourist activity.

Before thinking about buying a house in Turkey, you should know about the types of houses in Turkey. The following is an explanation of the types of houses in Turkey whether for housing or investment:

Villas and palaces

Many of the rich people in the world, especially the Arabs, are willing to buy villas in Turkey that are expensive. The prices of villas in Turkey vary in size, location and engineering design. These houses are independent and large in size, as well as providing luxury and spaciousness of green space or so-called gardens and private pools, as well as contain a private garage for cars, and some of these villas have a distinctive view of the landscape or tourist areas.

There are three types of villas and palaces in Turkey:

Regular villas

This type of villa is found in many neighborhoods in Turkey, especially areas away from important centers and tourism, some of which are in rural areas. These villas feature large spaces and surrounded by green walls and spaces.

Tourist Villas

It is very similar to the ordinary villas in terms of space and design, but it is different from the view. The tourist villas usually overlook the coasts and therefore the prices are high compared to the regular villas.

Historical villas

Historical villas, or so-called historic palaces, are the most famous of which are the Ottoman palaces located on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. These palaces are expensive.


The apartments in Turkey are suitable for all due to the diversity of prices, spaces and designs suitable for different lifestyles. Many families prefer such a type of house, which may consist of one bedroom, a lounge, two or three rooms and a hall. These apartments may be within independent buildings or within residential complexes.

Apartments residential complexes

These apartments are located within residential complexes. These apartments are characterized by many of the features and services provided by the most residential complexes in terms of protection and security, where there is security protection at the main gates of the residential complexes, as well as a parking garage for each building in the residential complex, providing maintenance and cleaning, , Swimming pools, a restaurant, café and supermarket, as well as a primary school and a mosque. The prices of apartments in residential complexes vary according to the size, location, view, services and features offered by the residential complex.

Istanbul is one of the most prestigious residential complexes in the world and not only in Turkey.

Penthouse Apartments

This type of modern apartment in Turkey, located on the top floor (top of the building) in large buildings or so-called skyscrapers, or in the basement of the architecture. The apartments are private and independent, as are the villas. This type of apartment occupies the entire last floor, often with its walls made of glass, as well as its own parking garage and a private elevator in the apartment, independent of the elevator.

Duplex Apartments

They are two complete apartments located on top of each other, connected by an internal staircase. Each apartment consists of bedrooms, lounge and bathroom, completely separate from the second. The ground floor can be dedicated to the kitchen and the hall. The second floor is for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Trilplex Apartments

The duplex apartments are designed in design with only one difference: a third floor, three-story apartments with an interiors. The first floor of the kitchen and lounge, the second floor of the bedrooms and bathrooms, and the third can be made into a private office or health club. Or athlete.

Studio apartments

These apartments consist of one room with bathrooms. This room has a sleeping area with a sleeping bed with a wardrobe and a living and kitchen side. This type of apartment usually favors unmarried young people who prefer low housing costs.