Before you think about purchasing a property in Turkey, whether you are living or investing, you must be familiar with all the conditions and laws relating to the purchase of real estate in Turkey in order to obtain ownership free from any legal obstacles. Dear reader, we offer you some tips before you buy the real estate in Turkey:

Provide a reliable lawyer to investigate all contracts and documents related to the property after you have chosen the property you wish to purchase. To overcome any legal loophole that can come across you and also not to fall into the trap of crooks.

  1. Selecting the appropriate real estate agent registered with the state departments and avoiding the sellers of unlicensed real estate to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters.
  1. Ensure the location of the property on the ground as well as examining all matters related to it in terms of health and electrical supplies, especially when the property is out of date.
  1. Check the title of the property as well as make sure that the property is free of debt or loans, and this is one of the duties of the lawyer that you have appointed. Where he prepares the sales contract which includes all the details and conditions related to the property.
  1. Confirmation of the attachments of the title deed (documents with the arrival of the payment of fees): a change of ownership document, a real estate registration document, a patent in the absence of debts or loans on the property must be paid.
  2. Document the contract of sale at the notary and not to sign the contract only after authentication and must translate the contract into the language of the buyer in conjunction with the Turkish language before it is documented at the noter.
  3. The deposit is paid when the contract is officially signed.
  1. To obtain military approval, since Turkish law does not permit foreigners to buy property in areas close to security or military areas. In order to obtain this document you need to submit an official application attached to the original passport with a picture translated into Turkish and certified by the notary. And sent to the Turkish army for approval and may take approval from one month to several months. These are also the tasks of the lawyer I have delegated.
  1. Insurance against earthquakes at the insurance department.
  1. Payment of a commission for the real estate company through which the purchase was made. The ratio shall be agreed between the buyer and the intermediate real estate company, often 6% of the property price 3% paid by the seller and 3% paid by the buyer.

Payment of taxes on sales and purchase transactions, paid by both the Turkish and the foreigner.