Six major steps to help foreigners to own property in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's most attractive countries to foreigners and from various countries, especially Arabs. The Arabs, especially the GCC countries, have recorded high rates of property purchases in Turkey. After changing the property law for foreigners and allowing them to own real estate in Turkey, the Arabs began to go to buy Turkish real estate whether for housing or investment.

Dear reader if you want to buy real estate in Turkey we offer you six major steps to help you own the property in one day.

  1. The presence of the buyer to Turkey to inspect the property on the ground, which I choose, and then signing the contract of purchase and certified by the notary.
  2. To translate the buyer's passport into Turkish and to certify it to the notary.
  3. Issuing the tax number (vergi Numarasi) from the tax department. It is a number given to foreigners to facilitate their transactions.
  4. Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank to deposit the price of the property and transfer it from the buyer's country to the Turkish bank.
  5. The seller and the purchaser are directed to the land registry office (Tapu) to transfer ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer and to collect the title deed and the property key.
  6. Payment of the tax The property tax in the tax department, which is estimated at about 4% of the price of the property.

These steps are in case the property is ready for housing. In case the property is not ready (under construction), the Property title will be handed over to the buyer after delivery of the house to him, taking into consideration all the conditions and observations in the purchase contract before signing it and confirming it with the noter.