Turkey's title deed is called Tapu, which is very similar to that of other countries. It is a formal and legal document proving property rights for real estate. The title deeds are issued in Turkey, registered and archived by the employees of the Directorate General of the Land Registry and the Directorate General of Survey.

The title deed includes information such as the owner's name, photograph, and property details. And be sure to have a seal on the property deed in Turkey at the bottom and middle of the bond to be legal. The presence of the image is not mandatory and is in the upper right hand corner.

More than one person can own the same property. In this case, the relevant shares are displayed on the title deed.

The vocabulary of the Turkish property deed and its meaning in Arabic
İli City
İlçesi town
Mahallesi County
Köyü village
Sokağı Street
Mevkii area
Pafta No Lot Number
Ada No Plot Number
Parsel No Part Number
Niteliği in the case of land for a building, vacant land, agricultural land
Yüzölçümü place / land area
KAT MÜLKİYETİ Ownership of the independent unit ready for use
KAT İRTİFAKI The ownership of the independent unit is not ready for use (either due to development work, ongoing construction or because the municipality's license has not yet been granted).
DEVRE MÜLK has partial ownership or ownership for a period of time (own for a fixed period of the year).
Bağımsız Bölüm Information about the independent unit (apartment or house .. etc).
Satış Bedeli The price of buying the property.
Arsa Payı Participation in the land (land ratio of the independent unit).
Blok No Block number
Kat No Floor No
Bağımsız Blm No Independent unit number
Edinme Sebebi The reason for buying the unit and who sold the unit and who sold the property.
Sahibi The name of the owner (owners) can be listed more than one name in the title deed in Turkey.