Six things you should inspect before purchasing a property in Turkey

The decision to buy a property in Turkey is a very important decision in addition to the concern to deal with companies and reliable people to buy the property to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters and find a property that meets your needs such as space, location and price, which makes this decision is not simple, and although realtors only care There are some important things forgotten by many realtors that affect an important part of our lives, and because we are excited about the idea of ​​buying a new property in Turkey, we forget to make sure things are very important in the property. These important things are:

Sun light
One of the factors that must be taken into account when buying a property, especially in Istanbul, because of high humidity and therefore you need to enter the sun into the house.

Phone network reception
You must make sure that all the rooms in the house have a good coverage of the telecommunication networks in Turkey and try to make a connection to ensure coverage and quality. Living in a house without telephone coverage and Internet access is very important. There are many residential projects where there is no good phone coverage Some mobile networks have been suffering a lot from this order for years. Regardless of the quality of the apartment and its views.

Water pressure
The quality of the water supply is different from one residential project to another and from one residential area to another. It is therefore important to ensure that the water pressure is at home. If the water pressure is weak in the kitchen or bathroom, you must check the cause and ask for a solution to the problem.

Neighbors noise and noise area
The social level of the area in which the property is located must be ascertained. There may not be any relationship with the neighbors, but their knowledge is positive, and they may be asked about the quality of the area and the services available there. The area where the property is located is quiet and there is no source of inconvenience such as the presence of factories or factories nearby. This is what distinguishes the residential complexes in Istanbul. It is the existence of internal laws of the population that must be respected and respected. The most important of these is not to issue any noise that bothers your neighbors. In case of non-compliance, it is fine to contact the police.

Quality doors and windows
You should make sure that the doors and windows are insulating to heat and cold and that their quality is good and if they are not, you should negotiate with the company to change them even if this will cost you some additional expenses before transportation. As the quality of doors and windows are the most important factors that must be inspected and this is because it protects you from heat or cold and have a direct relationship with gas bills and electricity.

Safety and security
The house is the most safe place where a person feels safe and secure. In order to be safe and secure, you must check the security and safety rates in the property area and the crime rate.