Five steps to buy a property in Turkey

 The purchase of the property in Turkey and the completion of the transfer of ownership within one day only, through only 5 steps.

The first step
The buyer's presence in Turkey to inspect the property and sign the contract of purchase of the property, and can send a representative on behalf of him through an official agency.

The second step
Issuing the tax number Vergı Numarsı from the Tax Department, which is granted to every foreigner in Turkey, to facilitate his official transactions.

The third step
Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank, to transfer the money from the resident country to the Turkish bank.

The fourth step
Provide a translated image into the Turkish language of the buyer's passport and certify it to Notary Notary.

Step Five
The seller and the buyer shall go to the Tapu Real Estate Office to waive the seller's property for the benefit of the buyer, and the latter shall receive the title deed and the property key. If the property is not ready for delivery, such as buying a house under construction from a real estate company, the title deed is not delivered to the buyer until the house is handed over to him.

The property tax in Turkey is about 4% of the price of the property. It is paid at 2% by the seller, as well as by the buyer, and the annual municipal fee is 0.03% of the value of the property paid in the municipal palace of the city each year of the month In exchange for services related to the municipal organization of the municipality.

The purchaser of the title deed is entitled to obtain real estate from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior for a period of 1 - 3 years, and is granted exclusively to foreigners who own real estate in Turkey.

Documents required for contract purchase of property in Turkey
Copy of the valid passport of the buyer
Two pictures of the buyer (modern)
Copy of the building license and the registration document in the municipality
If the buyer or investor is the first foreigner to buy in the area, the registration of the property in the name of the new buyer may take between 45 and 60 days, so that the process of ascertaining that the property does not fall in areas prohibited to the possession of foreigners and obtain permission from the competent authorities. Another foreigner buys from the same area, the process of transfer of title takes two to three days.