The pros and cons of housing in residential complexes in Turkey

Protection and security
The presence of tight guard within the residential complexes provides a sense of security and not fear of leaving the apartment with the aim of going out on a picnic or travel for days or months. Where the security level in the residential complexes in Turkey and Istanbul in particular is very high, where there is a security room at the gate of the residential complex, and can not enter strangers without the guards take the name and know which apartment will go, and make sure the owner of the house to go to, The possibility of the entry of thieves or strangers is nil. Residential complexes in Istanbul are also usually provided with surveillance cameras and alarms, increasing the safety of the residential complex. The modern complexes of Istanbul take into account the very important building conditions, the most important of which is that the building is built in a way that is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters. No building has been licensed in Turkey for nearly a decade and a half only under the supervision of a committee from the Earthquake Insurance and Natural Disasters Foundation.

Enjoy the tranquility within residential complexes because of the limited population. As well as beyond the city center which is usually populated with shops and shops.

The residential complexes provide all the recreational and service services needed by individuals. There is a supermarket, a gymnasium, swimming pools, green spaces, children's play areas, football and basketball courts, tennis courts, Jacuzzis and other needs. To restaurants, cafes, private mosque, school and kindergarten. As well as the services surrounding the residential complexes, which provide an additional kind of luxury, comfort and pleasure, giving residents in residential complexes in Istanbul more luxury and enjoyment and spend special times without the need to exit the complex, which breaks the boredom of the residents of the complexes.

Privacy and independence One of the most important features offered by residential complexes.

Form and engineering design
All residential complexes are of a uniform nature, giving a distinctive aesthetic touch. The construction and real estate companies in Turkey are competing to show their residential complexes in the most beautiful manner, and the construction companies are keen on choosing the finest construction materials and materials needed to complete the towers, doors, windows, cabinets and more. The apartments of the residential complexes in Turkey, especially Istanbul with its stunning and wonderful decoration, and there are all kinds of spaces in the same building.

Geographical location
The apartment apartments are characterized by distinctive views of the balconies of the apartments. The apartment may overlook the tourist sites and the natural surroundings surrounding the complex, or look out inside the complex on the green spaces surrounding the buildings.

One of the biggest problems for the urban population is the parking lot because sometimes they have to park their cars in places far away from housing. This problem was solved in the residential compounds by providing parking spaces for the complex in large enough spaces.

Within the residential complexes there is a transport insurance service from the residential complex to the nearest public transport place, saving time.

Limited selection
Of the disadvantages in the housing complexes in general types and providers are limited and often need to get out of the complex for change.

After the place
One of the most important defects in the residential complexes after the center of Istanbul because of the need for a large area and large green spaces around.

High prices
The increase in rents within residential complexes due to the services provided by the complex and the prices vary according to the services provided. The more the services offered, the more the rents and even the products sold in the complexes are often more expensive than the places outside the residential complex.