The diversity of residential apartments in the various regions of the Turkish provinces offers the freedom of choice in terms of area, area, area of ​​the apartment,

As the majority of residential complexes away from the center of Istanbul, making going to places of entertainment is one of the most difficult decisions for this distance, individual apartments provide free movement to all markets and recreational areas because of the proximity of the distance and the availability of transport of all kinds.

the prices
There is a big difference in the prices of single apartments about the prices of apartments in residential complexes almost up to 3 times because of the services provided in residential complexes, but there are exceptions where houses are located in areas of Istanbul, much more expensive than apartments in residential complexes.

Congestion and noise
The main disadvantages of individual apartments are congestion and noise, as is the case in most parts of Istanbul.

Lack of green spaces
Where the design of individual apartments, the main dependence is to increase the area and there is no interest in the abundance of green areas.