Investment in Turkey is one of the most important and successful investments. Where there is an increasing demand for property in Turkey by foreigners from different countries, especially the Gulf States, specifically Iraq, where the Iraqis bought 3850 properties in Turkey (between the apartment and villas and shops). The question that arises constantly is the time to buy a property in Turkey ?? ..

In general, you should know dear reader that the process of buying and selling real estate in Turkey is linked to three factors each according to the need to buy the property and these factors are:

Seasons of the year

In general, buying and selling real estate starts in Turkey, especially for houses with the beginning of the half-year holiday (spring break) and the end of the year (summer vacation) for families with children of school age, as it is very important for them. Many families move and settle in The new house with the end of the study period and began the holiday. The buying and selling process is active either at the beginning of the spring or at the beginning of the summer. Sales and buying movements are also increasing by the end of the year. For this dear reader, we find that the families that are linked to school days and school holidays do not care about the price of the property as much as interest in the right time for the transition and stability in the new house.

As for the winter, it is also possible to buy property in the winter, where offers from real estate investment companies less so you can choose the right property in the appropriate area and faster and less expensive.

Special and family circumstances

Many homes are sold daily for private family reasons, or because of the financial crisis of the landlord, which forces him to sell the property in order to obtain liquidity and other reasons why the seller reduces the price of the property by up to 20%.

High exchange rates

Since most of the buying and selling of real estate in Turkey is done in Turkish lira, we find that many people prefer to buy property when the low exchange rate of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies, especially the US dollar.