Istanbul, a Turkish city with its beauty and ancient culture. Each mosque, church, tower, castle, bridge and street tell the story and history of an era of Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. Perhaps one of the most important historical monuments is the Galata Bridge. Which is located in the region of Bioglu and extends over the Golden Horn and connects the area Aminio Karakwe area in the European section of Istanbul.

The bridge is named after the Galata area and the nearby Galata Tower.

Tourists and residents of Istanbul enjoy walking around the Galata Bridge and looking to Istanbul, ships and ships going from the Asian section to the port of Amenonu in the European section of Istanbul. As well as the observation of fish fishermen queuing over the bridge to increase fish.

The Galata Bridge consists of two floors, where there are a number of cafés and restaurants serving seafood, as well as small stalls selling sweets and the famous Turkish Smit. The upper floor is for pedestrians and cars, as well as trams and wi-fi.

History of the Galata Bridge

The bridge of Galata dates back to the Ottoman era. In 1845, the bridge of Galata was built by the Sultan Abdul Majid II. It was a wooden bridge called the Cisr-i Cedit, the first to pass through the French captain Magnan. This bridge was used for 18 years, but it was damaged and rebuilt in 1863 by order of the Emir of the Navy Hassan Ahmed Pasha. It was replaced by a new wooden bridge, following King Abdulaziz's orders to prepare for the visit of Napoleon III to Istanbul. The bridge was completed in 1875, M and its cost amounted to 105.000 liras gold. After 37 years of use (1912), the bridge was replaced by a heavy and heavy one. In that year, the fourth bridge was built by a German company at a cost of 350.00 liras and was 466 m long and 25 m wide. In 1914, an electric train was run on the bridge between the Amenuno area and the Krue Cui area. In 1987, they began construction of a new bridge next to this historic bridge. Before it was completed in May 1992, an unknown fire broke out in the old bridge, And as a result they accelerated the completion of the new bridge in June of the same year (1992), and the pieces of the old bridge, consisting of eleven pieces located in the direction of Krakow left the place and quoted parts of the burnt and put on land at Ataturk Bridge, located at the edge of the On Kappi region, is known to have been stressed Protection of the Galata bridge from an old fire, where he was prevented passers-by from smoking it during the day but at night it was prohibited traffic. As a result of the increase of pedestrians on the bridge in the late 19th century and to control the chaos in it was built a police station on the edge of the bridge in the Galata region. And the last bridge has been built and is still for today by a Turkish contracting company, a bridge is shedding length of 490 m and width of 42 m.