Sultan Mohamed El Fateh Bridge

When we read the history of Turkey we note that many of the leaders tried to open Istanbul, but all these attempts failed, until the Ottoman Sultan Mohammed Al-Fanah and the opening of Constantinople (Istanbul now) in 1453 and became the capital of the Ottoman Empire until the Republic of Turkey in 1923, Is the capital of the Turkish Republic instead of Istanbul.

By 1985, as a result of the massive increase in the population of Istanbul in a record time, which increased the congestion on the Bosphorus bridge, another new bridge is called synonymous with the Bosphorus Bridge, which was called the Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the Ottoman sultan who opened Constantinople and ended the Byzantine Empire of the country.

The tower was designed by Freeman Fox and its partners, the same company that designed the Bosphorus Bridge. The bridge was built by a global consortium of three Japanese companies, an Italian company and a Turkish company. The foundation stone of Sultan Mohamed El Fateh Bridge was laid on January 4, In 1986, under the government of Turgut Ozal. The process of its construction was completed on July 3, 1988. It was inaugurated by Turkish Vice President Turgut Ozal, who led his own official car as the first person to cross the bridge.

The length of the Sultanahmet bridge is 1510 meters long and 39.4 meters wide. The height of the bridge is 169 meters above sea level, and the budget of its construction is estimated at US $ 125,000,000.

The Sultan Mehmet's light bridge is located on the Bosphorus, above the Euphorus Bridge and connects the two regions of Kavajek in the European section and the Oosto blockade in the Asian section of Istanbul.

The Sultan Mehmet Gate Bridge, also known as the Second Bosphorus Bridge, occupies the 14th place among the suspended bridges around the world in terms of the mass of steel used in its construction.