Damlatash Cave

Alanya is famous for its scenic nature and its distinctive cultural features, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

The Damla Tas Cave, one of the first caves to be opened for medical tourism in Turkey, is also one of the most popular tourist attractions due to its location on the Mediterranean coast.

The cave of Dhamla Tash is situated in the Alanya area in Antalya province, south of Turkey. The cave was discovered in 1948 by accident, during digging to cut a quarry. The cave then becomes one of the most important tourist attractions, especially the therapeutic tourism in Turkey.

In recent years, the cave has become an important center that attracts thousands of tourists, especially those who wish to recover from asthma. Doctors advise asthma patients to visit the cave, making it an important tourist destination for local holidaymakers, as well as tourists and patients from around the world, mainly Russians and Germans.

The Dhamla Cave receives thousands of visitors each year from inside and outside the country. The number of visitors to the cave in 2014 reached 204,704 people, 5108 people for the purpose of recovery. While the number of visitors to the cave in 2015 260125 people, including 2665 people visited the cave for the purpose of recovery. Visitors to the cave seek to stay for 4 hours a day for 21 days, doing some hobbies such as reading books or walking inside the cave.

The Dameleh Tach cave, which has a width of 14 m and a height of 15 m, is located on semi-crystalline stalagmites and stalactites, each of which needs 15-20,000 years.