The sultans of the Ottoman Empire left a distinctive and vast heritage that varied between mosques, roads, towers, Turkish baths and palaces, which brought together the magic of the East and the West in some of them, and others distinguished by the independence of architecture.

Along with the magnificent and distinctive palaces left by the Ottomans Ihlamur Palace, which is located in the region of Şişli in the European section of Istanbul.

The Palace of Ihlamur is a collection of unique palaces. These palaces were built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majid between 1839 and 1861 on an area of ​​more than 24,000 m2 in the park of Ihlamur between the Ihlamur Valley and Beshiktas, Yildiz and Nishantashi. Agha and named after Haji Hussein Baglari. After a while it was converted into a private garden of Sultan Ahmed III.

These palaces were built in the form of two buildings on a wooded area of ​​24.724 m2, some of which are surrounded by high walls, others are surrounded by cast metal bars, and the area is decorated with beautiful linden trees.

The first section is the Protocol Department, which is the main building. It has a drawer in the front façade, designed in Baroque style. The section has a beautiful architectural design, especially with moving carvings. The palace consists of an entrance hall, one room on either side of the hall, The palace is furnished with European style furniture.

The second section is the section of the Sultan's procession: which was special for the family, consists of rooms built on the corners, open to the lobby in the middle, and the walls of the rooms suggest a different colored marble appearance.

The ceremony section is currently open as a palace and museum for visitors, where national and international concerts are held. The talented children, who have the artistic talent, are given the opportunity to take drawing lessons, structures and theaters. While the Sultan's section is organized in the form of a winter cafeteria, and the square surrounding the water basin in the palace garden is used as a summer cafeteria.