How can leisure time be managed during the study period and how can various social activities be conducted?

Leisure is a state of conflict between man himself on the one hand and his mind on the other hand, the vacuum free time we want to exploit it and at the same time a state of mind we would like to access it. Social activities and good leisure time during the study serve the following:

Increase and improve production: Rest periods are a self-recreation and a great opportunity to take a breath and reduce the burden of study and pressure of study and continuous work, recreation is a chance to restore activity and increase production.
Social activities and recreation help to raise a person's sense of moving towards a lofty hobby.
Leisure periods provide serious opportunities for improving the level of school, achievement and self-growth.
The individual feels important and valuable, satisfies his wishes and develops his skills.
The individual is given a sense of ambition, challenge and balance.
It allows a person to engage in his or her community, family, family, and family, and gain a unique ability to gain affection and social interaction.
It is an important source of happiness and satisfaction and helps to maintain the physical and psychological health of the individual.
Can be viewed from a therapeutic point of view, promoting skills and behavior development and freeing people from the sense of tension that hinders their daily work.
The individual gains the ability to face problems and creative thinking in realistic and appropriate solutions.
Reduces stress and deters the individual from the tendency to aggressive behavior and protect him from behavioral disorders such as anxiety.
But here is another question: Can leisure time or relaxation times be spent in any form or at any pace?

Of course not, a clear methodology, plan and goal should be developed to follow up on the organization of leisure time management. The goal is to join any social, athletic, technical or other activity that promotes an individual to follow the study tasks again, Negative. If you are preparing the stage of satisfaction and self-recreation, you will feel refreshed and desire to continue the study satisfied, and will feel self-confidence with yourself and your environment, and here meet the most important needs of a person is satisfying the psychological needs.

Start from now, count the hours of your studies daily, do not forget to count the leisure time of the rest of your day, think about the hobbies and activities that you find yourself, and do not forget your social duties towards your friends and family and your relatives.

What are the social activities and ways in which the student can relax and get rid of the stresses of study?
Let us think together about the useful ways in which we can invest leisure time in study periods. To help you think and extract the skills and talents that are suppressed within you, we have tried to define the appropriate fields and activities to help you make the best choices:

Social activities
Which is characterized by the integration of the individual with others in interactive situations, and falls under several proposals, including:

Attend social activities.
Attend concerts or invitations.
Talk to family members periodically.
talking with friends.
Rally in different clubs or communities.
Visit relatives.
Cultural activities
Which aims to add new information or data, and is divided into:
Reading books for entertainment and benefit at the same time.
Attend lectures and religious and spiritual lessons.
Attend cultural, scientific and literary seminars.
Read magazines and newspapers.
Watch TV shows.
Frequent frequency on public libraries.
Attend theatrical performances.
Cellular activities
These activities are related to environmental and natural aspects and are outside the home framework, namely:

Visit exhibitions and museums.
Hiking in gardens and parks.
the shopping.
Sit down to meditate and think.
Join Scouts camps.
the hunt.
Sports activities
These are:

Different games such as chess, table and card games.
Various computer games.
Participate in group games such as football and others.
Attending a race for horses.
Personal hobbies
Which is the most important to pay attention to and try to develop so as not to die and die, including:

the acting.
Works and various works of art.
Drawing and photography.
Writing articles, poetry or stories.
Poultry and poultry breeding.
Breeding of ornamental fish.
Attention to agriculture, especially plant cultivation.
Other hobbies such as collecting stamps, coins, paper and others.
The options are wide, think about what you like for recreation and spend the best time in social, sports and other activities so you can continue your school life.