No one can deny that most of us suffer from this problem during the study, where boredom and inability to follow and complete the study. But we do not always have the luxury of going out and doing any other activity, especially at times when exams are near, where we find ourselves forced to study under any circumstances.

In fact, the whole issue is related to the inner desire. We realize that the other choices that are available to us are much better than studying, such as browsing Facebook or watching a movie, where we find pleasure in what we do not find in the study. So in this article we will stop a little bit at this problem, and think together on how to overcome them.

The purpose of the study
Let us first agree that one of the strongest reasons for boredom is that we do not have a goal of the study that we seek to reach, and therefore we treat it as our duty, and therefore we must begin to overcome this feeling.

This does not mean fooling yourself and trying to convince her without the truth, because the result is known now. But we can think about the real goal, even if the goal is to get rid of the exam load, because if you get lost in the material, you will have to take the exam again, something we never want.

Thinking that studying, with your hatred for it, may bring you to what you dream of in the future, is a very wonderful thing for you, and may make you think that boredom can be tolerated and sometimes removed.

The study environment
To do this in the best possible way, consider how to create a good learning environment for you.

Set yourself as regular dates as possible to study until you get used to this activity, and make sure these dates are far from sleeping.
Set the seating so that it is away from any distractions, such as noise, television or regular family discussions, and you can focus on what you are studying.
Be sure to adjust the room's lighting so that it gives you a comfortable feeling, but you do not have to get up to the stage of relaxation, leading you to sleep.
Be sure to keep internal dispersions, such as feeling hungry, by eating before you start studying.
Good study plan for materials
Some of the things that cause boredom are the subjects that we are dealing with, so you have to divide these materials in terms of love and difficulty. Then you can make a combination of the two, start with the material you love, and then move on to something you do not like, so you have the motivation to study. If the table of study is wrong, the expected result is boredom. So I'm interested in making a good plan to study the materials before they start, anticipating the problem early and overcoming it, and succeed in saving time, and to maximize the benefit of study away from boredom.

Diversity of methods of study
Feeling accustomed to doing something that can lead you to boredom quickly, and therefore need to overcome this feeling during study. The best way to do this is to use a variety of methods in your study. For example, you can use the writing in the study, such as beginning to write questions about the lesson and answer them, as well as the use of different types of reading, both verbal reading or silent reading. You can also use your siblings at home to help you, tell them what to order, or explain what you are teaching your colleagues because you will focus more on transferring the information to them, so you have a specific goal in which case you seek to reach it.

The variety of methods can include the methods used in the study, such as your use of different colors and pens, because it gives you a beautiful feeling of comfort, and it helps you in the study.

Distribute comfort on the entire day
Studying continuously and continuously throughout the day, even if you are studying what you love and have a strong purpose to achieve, it can easily make you bored. So you have to have some rest in the day, doing the things you love, and always be happy to enjoy this time with all possible pictures. You can also make rest time a goal for yourself, as if you were rewarded if you finished your studies.

Study in a group
One way to overcome boredom is to study in a group of friends, because it gives you a different sense of change away from studying alone. But the study in a group needs to have a set of rules governing the matter, so make sure that you will not stay away from the goal of study required of you, but do not mind to stop sometimes to exchange the talk, because that leads to a sense of energy again, and then complete the study.

Always remember that boredom happens with us all the time, and we need to acknowledge its existence, so we can deal with it and get rid of it completely during study.