One of the most important daily operations that accompany the child from the beginning of his life when he starts to enroll in the classroom, to grow up and reaches the stages of study to the university or postgraduate studies, and the study is not limited to students in schools and universities there are study at home individually and study lessons available on the Internet And study in cultural, training, professional and craft centers.

the importance of studying
The study is the means of collecting knowledge, benefit and moral and material benefit through books, references, research, training courses and workshops. The importance of the study is as follows:

Obtaining knowledge and fighting illiteracy, illiteracy and underdevelopment.
Directed by an educated generation of teachers, doctors, engineers, professionals and craftsmen who are able to benefit themselves, develop them and benefit their homelands.
The study achieves job security and offers jobs to learners faster.
Promote society, increase its prestige and reduce unemployment, crime and immoral behavior.
The individual gains the skill required to perform his work, the right science and the right methods to solve any dilemma away from guesses and probabilities.
There have been many correct ways of studying, and there have been many advice given by teachers and mentors to students and parents in order to achieve the proper conduct of the study process.

Role of parents
Parents have an important role to play in providing a proper way to study their children through:

Parents should consider the home schooling process part of their day-to-day tasks, so they do not show their children any kind of boredom or resentment.
Parents should provide a comfortable atmosphere for study and performance of duties, distance from family problems between parents at the time of study, and be careful not to raise the voice of the radio or television or any distractions of attention.
Parents should help their children to study by sitting with them, encouraging them and motivating them to make an effort to achieve great success and that is in your personal interest.
Parents should pay attention to the food side of the study by bringing fruit, juices or sandwiches, giving them energy and concentration.
Parents must monitor the study of their children so that they take his games and smart machines and determine the time to recover after completing his studies and make sure one of the parents to complete the study in the correct and required.
The role of the student
The other part of the study is the responsibility of the student himself, and in order to achieve the required concentration and understanding of the correct material and careful conservation by:

Avoid studying in case of fatigue and physical or mental fatigue. This weakens the ability to concentrate.
Avoid studying amid the preoccupation with anything, so it is imperative for the student at the time of study to clear his mind of everything that commented on it and makes its focus on the material.
Avoid continuous study without time to rest. It has been scientifically proven that each hour of study is followed by a 5-10 minute break during which some fruits, a snack or a little fresh juice will be taken.
Diversification in the study modes between standing, walking, sitting and stretching, especially if the material needs to be saved so as not to feel bored.
You should be careful to go to sleep immediately feeling tired and sleepy, and prefer to choose the time of dawn to review and install information.
Must be keen on the du'aa 'and supplications that help to memorize, understand and retrieve information such as saying: "O God, I will give you a knowledge that I have taught him to his time."