Tell me how many times you have to wake up early in order to go to university before all the theoretical classes to attend practical class sessions at 8:00 am. If only 5 minutes late, you will enter a cycle of endless, useless discussion with the laboratory professor. With someone, it will be more interesting.

Therefore, we will discuss in this article how to deal with these practical sessions to benefit from them as much as possible, and also to ensure the psychological integrity of all of us.

Sound listening
You enter the session and sit on your chair, and then the first thing you have to do is to be completely silent. After the professor begins to salute you directly. And then listening is the key to success. You are now in the College of Pharmacy, for example, and the professor in front of you is doing an experiment to extract the DNA of strawberries. In the end, you saw the DNA very clear in the test tube, but did you focus well on the steps that resulted from the inside of that tube? This is what you should ask yourself. Simply because after that result you will all go to the same experiment as well, so if you are not well established, you will be a failed laboratory.

Be sure to get along well with your partner
When you do any experience in the practical session, or even do some assignment during that session, you often do not do it alone, but there is one or several partners in you. This is due in part to the lack of resources on the one hand and to the consolidation of the principle of cooperation among university students on the other. So understanding with a business partner is very important. The understanding with the business partner leads to a balanced report of the elements and, of course, to get a true result of the experiment, and the division of work on the stages of the experiment between you will shorten a lot of time, if the experience takes three hours will take with you half the time when you share the preparation of raw materials and control results and work on mathematical calculations In the end, but if the bridge of understanding is not available, there is no way to get a good outcome.

Pay attention to the assets around you
Certainly when you go to the sessions at the university, death or permanent disability is not an option for you! Why death? Well, there are dozens of deadly things in practical sessions, especially chemical ones.

If you are a student in chemistry, then you are forced to deal with chemicals constantly, and to deal with them there are standards and conditions. But sometimes the time of the practical session is at stake and you and your friends have not yet done the experiment, so you hit those standards and put yourself at grave risk. It is possible that one of you to pump concentrated acid mouth instead of using the safe method, or jogging in the factory right and left indifferent to the bottles that he can sign and injures himself with degrees of severe burns. So be aware of the assets around you always.

Do not be shy, discuss
Questions are essential in theoretical lessons to understand the scientific material presented. This is also the case in practical meetings. You do not think the lab professor is so tight that you are embarrassed to ask him or discuss something. Discussing the experiment, its steps, and its origin makes you able to modify some things in your own niche to get an ideal result that can outweigh your own. Do not say my question is trivial or simple or not worth answering, ask and do not be afraid, always debate gives better results.

Do not just stick to what you are studying in the practical session
You are now studying biology, and in particular studying histology or histology. In the practical sessions of this article you know the whole tissue types and study them in boring detail, drawing behind the professor and studying the forms of cells and their conditions next to each other. But there is always room to step up, how? You simply do not have to stick to the way the detective professor does exactly, and you do not think the fabric in front of you is the perfect fabric. Search online or ask a professor of theoretical theory You will find that there are many cases of diffraction from the cases you study, and knowledge makes you more expert in your specialization, which gives you confidence on the one hand, and earns a strong experience to benefit you in the labor market when you graduate.

Do not believe that the theoretical material avoids the practical session
Practical sessions are based on theoretical material. This is essential, but what about those things and interactions that may be difficult to imagine for you? Yes, what you will see in practical sessions, so there are dozens of things common between practical sessions and theoretical materials, but is the proportion of similarity very large To the extent that it avoids the interest in the session?

For example, in biology, there is a branch science called taxonomy. This is the science in which we study the classification of organisms based on the branch we study, whether we study animals or plants. So the practical session is only a reaffirmation of the theoretical material of the same name, but that is not all. There are many small techniques that really make you biological, which the theoretical professor can not explain to you. This is essentially the task of the session.

Never forget them
Yes, the practical sessions are very disturbing on time, and always contradict with the theoretical lectures and be very painful on the psychological level when tired and do not find sufficient recognition of the session official for your efforts. But in the end, the information you say is very important and you should never miss it. You will not be able to solve or understand anything, and you may have missed yourself dozens of degrees associated with the practical part of the material, which makes you in trouble for the theoretical part of them.