Learn how to learn ??? !!!
How many times have I read or heard stories about people who have been taught by their professors and then a few or several years have outstripped their teachers and professors? Why and how does this happen ??

You will not be educated until you realize and acknowledge your ignorance. The amount of knowledge doubles at the rate of 2 - 3 times a year in most disciplines and businesses, including your work.

In the era of this information revolution, your information must multiply 2-3 times a year in your area of ​​expertise to keep abreast of developments. So how can you do that ??

Two prerequisites for learning a new skill are:

Desire to learn
Willingness to learn
Continuity is the basic condition in the process of learning and be a will and you have to allocate part of your time to learn and part of your salary in the process of learning new things. As we said earlier learning is a continuous process and not a transient.

What are the benefits of learning ??
The learner is more energetic, active, productive, patient, healthier, more independent and better-off. Learning also increases self-confidence.

What is the difference between the expert and the novice?
The expert is a person who has reached specific ways of thinking and solving and using it efficiently in time of need and quickly.
The expert will be able to observe the characteristics, characteristics and patterns in the issues and problems, and perform the work efficiently.
The expert has multiple and flexible options to deal with the circumstances in his / her field of expertise, while the beginner can not do so.
Practical steps for self-learning
Know your personality, your personal and goal weaknesses, your opportunities in this area, the risks you can face in this area, your personal and goal strengths.
Specify a learning goal, be applicable, be specific, be reasonable, be time-specific for implementation, be measurable.
Identify the appropriate means to achieve the goal, attend a training course in this field, see some good offers, search the Internet for distinctive models
Set one or more measures to measure the level of learning after a certain period.
Continuing review of what you want to learn helps to understand and remember. It is easier to draw attention and remember. We remember the first and last points in any list better than others.
I want to learn but where ??
Provide the right atmosphere for learning to help focus and absorb new information and the best place to learn is where you feel calm.

Six obstacles hinder individual learning
Lack of or lack of self confidence
Lack or lack of teachers
Lack of supply of resources and learning resources
Lack of financial resources
Lack or lack of personal support for the individual to learn like encouragement and help
Availability of learning resources at inappropriate times and places
In the end, we can summarize the need for community education in a modern and following manner:

Declaration of these objectives so that the community can review the extent to which these objectives match the actions taken.
Provide students with the ability to research, think and discuss and not give them a bit of science.
Review the form and style of the lesson that we call the chapter where the teacher gives the same lesson and the same points to a group of students without any change or explanation of why he does so.
Taking advantage of the terrible technological leap that the Internet offers in education is not about the way textbooks are converted to tablet computers, but on the way to reconsider the role of the school.
A real solution is not recycling the same slogans about education as the path of the future.