Types of secondary schools in Turkey

Secondary schools in Turkey differ in terms of specialization. Choosing the right secondary school determines the choice of the appropriate university or branch because the school will be determined later by the grades, branches and sections that the student can choose. Secondary education also earns the student skills or a career that he or she can work to acquire or qualify to complete his / her higher education.

Secondary School of Science ( Fen Liseleri )

This type of secondary is one of the best schools for which students have the best access to the university.

Science schools receive students with high potential in science (biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics). And aims at raising a generation capable of using modern technologies and capable of innovation and creativity. In addition, many of these schools depend on the English language and thus the student will also master English as the first accredited foreign language. Duration of study is 4 years after the preparatory stage.

Secondary Social Sciences (Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi)

These schools are interested in the humanities, such as literature and social sciences, and aim to prepare a generation with high expertise in literature, politics and bureaucratic culture. The duration of study in social sciences is 4 years, and the university admission rate for students is 75% of the total number of students.

Secondary School of Anatolia (Anadolu Lisesi)

The oldest and most popular schools in Turkey, with a student acceptance rate of about 50% of the total students. In recent years, most of the secondary schools have been converted to Anatolia schools, which has led to a somewhat lower level of success. Anatolia schools have 4 sections:

The Department of Mathematics and Science (MF) is a Matematik-Fend (MF) branch of the Scientific Branch.

Türkçe- Matematik (TM) is an equally weighted class and is preferred among students, especially those who choose to choose the appropriate section for their potential.

Department of Turkish Language - Social Sciences (TS) abbreviation Türkçe- Sosyal and parallel secondary school literary branch.

 Department of Foreign Languages ​​(YD) Yabancı Dil.

There are common materials between all sections and materials are overloaded as per section and above. Sections are selected at the beginning of grade 10, ie in the second secondary grade.

Anatolian Secondary School for Technical and Vocational Education Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lises

The student receives through the study at this high school the experiences of his intervention to the early career. The students receive courses in the technical and industrial fields. The study period extends for 4 years. Graduates receive a certificate of profession and a document that opens a shop and has the title of technician or technician. Entering higher schools within their field of specialization with ease. But the chances of entry for students of this type of schools to the university is not great because the exam questions are placed according to the high levels of science and Anatolia, many of them who are attending the institutes for two years, are subject to vertical transfer test. Another problem is that the seats allocated to public institutions are limited and can be enrolled in private waqf institutions, but the study is paid. There are many schools with different specialties within this type:

  • Anadolu Vocational Education Schools Anadolu Sağlık Meslek Liseleri
  • Anadolu Vocational Schools for Girls Anadolu Kız Meslek Liseleri
  • Schools of vocational training Ticaret Meslek Liseleri
  • Anadolu Telecom Schools Anadolu İletişim Meslek Liseleri
  • Secondary Vocational Tourism Turizm Meslek Liseleri
  • Technical secondary and professional industrial Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Liseleri
  • Secondary Vocational Agricultural Tarım Meslek Liseleri
  • Anatolian High School for Fine Arts Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Liseleri
  • Secondary Sports Spor Liseleri

In this type of school, students are taught a common public culture, technical and industrial classes and at least one foreign language. The duration of study in this type of school is 4 years, and the graduates are given a document of a trade teacher and an open-ended document and have the title of technician or technician. And provides access to higher schools within their field of competence.

Anatolian Schools of Imams and preachers ( Anadolu İmam Hatip Liseleri)

These schools aim to prepare cadres to work in preaching and teaching the Quran, either to enter the working life or prepare them to enter the university to complete their scientific achievement. The duration of study at these high schools is 4 years. They can enter university entrance examinations and enter the branches that fit their grades and give additional marks when enrolling in the faculties of the divinity. The curricula taught are the same curricula taught in the secondary schools of Anatolia, in addition to the Shari'a articles of jurisprudence, biography, Hadith and Quran. The available sections are the same in the Anatolian schools. The practical and literary section and the equally burdensome section between mathematics and Turkish are taught English and German as foreign languages.

High-School Secondary Programs (Çok Programlı Liseler)

These high schools are spread outside the borders of the Turkish state and include programs such as the Anatolia Vocational Program, the Anatolia Technical Program, the Anatolia High School, and the Anatolia Schools of Imams and Speakers. The students receive a certificate of specialization and are given additional marks when entering colleges within the same competence, and can attend high schools without undergoing an exam.

Military high school Askeri Liseler

They are the high schools chosen by students who want to join the armed forces and serve the nation. Admission to the Literary and Scientific Section by the Student Selection and Absorption Center ÖSYS in the Literary Section 30 questions in Turkish and 15 in Social Sciences. In the science section, 30 questions are asked in mathematics and 25 in science. Those who pass this preliminary exam are entitled to apply for the second choice, which includes: (initial medical examination, physical strength test, psychological and technical testing (for those interested in volunteering in the air force), musical skill (for those interested in volunteering as officers in brass teams), interview and sampling And then issuing the admission results). The duration of study in this secondary school with the preparatory year is 5 years.

night high school (Akşam Lisesi)

Secondarys that receive students who for any reason have to leave high school and have two types: government and private. Government night schools receive students after the end of daytime for students in public schools or on weekends and are free. Private schools are schools owned by people who receive large numbers of students but are paid and paid monthly or yearly.

The registration requirements for these schools are:

  • No age requirement is available for all ages.
  • Of those who completed middle school and could not attend high school.
  • Of leaving high school in any grade he could complete.

Foreign schools

Are the most successful schools in teaching foreign language. Success rates and access to universities vary from school to school but are not as high as rumored and disproportionate to high fees. However, their success rates are often better than the success rates in Anatolia secondary schools and many study in this Schools who have money and are considering completing their higher education abroad.

Secondary schools (Kolejler)

There has been a significant increase in the number of this type of schools, especially after the conversion of courses to secondary schools, but has increased quality with increasing number ?. Very few of these institutes have a great absorptive capacity due to low quality and high fees. Many parents think that there is no correlation between what they take for what they pay. Success rates vary from school to school.

Open Education High School (Açık Öğretim Lisesi)

Açık öğretim is a distance learning system that is based on distance learning through media, print, audio and visual media. The duration of the study is 4 years. It is divided into 8 classes. Those who exceed 18 years of age can offer 3 classes per year. These high schools allow the student to study an integrated curriculum without any formal school attendance. The study lasts for four years. After passing the examination successfully, he receives a certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Education, which entitles him to enroll in Turkish universities.