The concept of architecture
Architecture is one of the ancient architectural arts that man has known since he needs to build a shelter. The architecture is also known as the art that is concerned with the application of a set of architectural designs based on drawing the structure of the planning of building buildings and the cultural features of a place or city. The nature of public culture, and the dominant heritage in the region, may contain a collection of symbols, or artistic sculptures that remain the hallmarks of the nature of architecture in each epoch of time.

History of architecture
The earliest origins of architecture date back to the beginning of man's presence on earth. He sought to use the surrounding materials to build a place that would provide him with the right living, and to protect himself from weather fluctuations in summer, winter, and exposure to natural hazards.

The human resources are keen to benefit from the surrounding resources in order to turn them into habitable homes. The most important resources are mud, stone and wood. In the expansion of the population of the human era, architecture is no longer limited to housing construction, Such as markets, private shops, places of worship, security centers, public service institutions, luxury palaces, and major museums. Architecture has become one of the most famous human arts, which has contributed to building a range of civilizations that still exist.

Theories of Architecture
Ancient historical theory
It is one of the earliest theories of architecture proposed by the Roman architect Vetterovius in the first century AD, which indicates that architecture depends on levels that must be applied so that the architecture is classified as excellent and divided into three levels: the durability of construction, Achieves the purpose of its creation, beauty and construction.

Modern theory
Is a collection of modern architectural concepts that emerged in the 19th century, which contributed to changing the exterior shapes of buildings, and inventing new ideas for construction that were not used before, and led to the emergence of modern types of buildings such as skyscrapers and large commercial markets.

Types of Architecture
Islamic architecture
Is the architecture that emerged in the Arab-Islamic cities established by the Muslims, which appears in the building of mosques, and Islamic palaces.

Ancient architecture
Is the architecture that began in ancient human civilizations, especially the Egyptian civilization, and the civilization of Mesopotamia. The pyramids in Egypt are considered to be among the most famous ancient civilizations in the world.

Asian Architecture
Is the architecture that has spread in the East Asian countries, especially in Japan, India and China and is clearly visible in residential buildings that rely on the confusion of traditional construction and artistic heritage.

What interests students interested in studying architecture or what is called in some countries architecture
A newly completed high school student who wishes to join a faculty of architecture must start his own free drawing steps to help him acquire an artistic environment and an imaginative creative environment that enables him to understand the principles of architectural design and its aesthetic and economic standards and how to deal with them later through innovative architectural design programs Such as AutoCAD, XD, Max and Photoshop.

Although architecture is far from mathematical theories and integrative and approximate hypotheses, a student who wants to study architecture must have the principles of mathematics, whether mathematical analysis, geometry, or algebra. This will capture his perceptions and ease of dealing with complex geometric designs that combine theories Simple and basic sports.

Study of architecture
The student has to spend long hours in the ceremony dedicated to this matter, which is complained by most students and is also what helps to expand the student's awareness and make all the complexities of engineering simple and manageable and coexist with the idea that it requires a lot of time and effort and this becomes the student architecture in the year The latter are familiar with him and most often stick to his character as patience and accept criticism.

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