The specialization of microelectronics is required by the student to become a maintenance technician or assistant engineer of fine machines and control of factories. The specialized period includes specialized in handling, maintenance and repair of precision machines such as pressure, heat, flow and other instruments. (PLC) located in the automated factories, packing plants and factory control devices, and the technician in the industrial college must be familiar with all aspects of security and peace at work and must have the ability to write technical and technical reports on problems Solutions and applications (DCS)

Career opportunities after graduation
Technicians of precision machines and industrial control in the following locations: Refining plants, Desalination plants, Iron and steel plants, Fertilizer plants, Plastic industry plants, General production plants, Petrochemical companies, and various industrial companies.

Advantages of this specialization
Is considered one of the rare specialties in terms of existence and is available to study in most universities and educational institutions around the world only in advanced universities and distinct.
In his study he gathers a lot of common knowledge with many disciplines and sciences such as chemistry, mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, electricity and other disciplines.
It is taught in the Middle East region of Saudi Arabia only in Al Jubail and Yanbu Industrial Colleges and some institutes of major companies such as Aramco, SABIC, NESMA and others. He also teaches at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (CISE).
Specialists in the electrical engineering specialization can enroll in an educational institution to study the specialty of microelectronics.
Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of machine engineering
Bay University in Istanbul