The science that deals with the detailed study of the element and the chemical, and its characteristics, behavior, reactions, structure, structure, and everything related to matter. It is also called the central science because it combines more than one type of science such as physics, Biology, Astronomy and Geology.

Branches of Chemistry
Chemistry is divided into several branches:

Analytical Chemistry
In which the physical and chemical properties of the materials are determined and measured based on their qualitative and quantitative control.

physical chemistry
The science that combines chemistry and physics, in which the study of how the interaction of matter and energy, and this science is divided into two sections, namely: thermodynamics, quantum mechanics.

organic chemistry
This science is concerned with the study of compounds containing the carbon element. The carbon element contains many unique properties that allow the formation of complex chemical bonds and very large particles.

Inorganic chemistry
This science is specialized in studying materials that do not contain carbon, such as metals and gases.

This chemistry studies the chemical processes that occur within living organisms.

The importance of chemistry
Helps to understand and understand what surrounds us.
Is one of the components of all living organisms.
Helping the human to exploit the surrounding raw materials, and how to convert them into useful materials.
Contributes to the production of chemical fertilizers.
Are considered to be the cause of artificial fibers.
Enter into industrial fields such as clothing and textiles.
Provides the ability to avoid high-risk and life-threatening materials.
Play an essential role in achieving the well-being and well-being of man.
Why study chemistry?
Chemistry is life because it is concerned with the study of elementary particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, crystals and other formations of matter, in solid, liquid and gaseous state, isolated or united. The reactions, interactions and transformations that chemistry teaches are influenced by different chemicals or between matter and energy. This behavior is studied in the laboratory and using different forms of laboratory tools.

The distinguished universities in the field of chemistry
University of Sabanga
University of Daghoush