The vast development of food science, called the food technology science, which includes all the steps related to this food product, is evidenced by the enormous types of food products, elegantly and competitively packaged in the major shops, with information such as manufacturing ingredients, ID.

The engineering of the food industry covers a broad scope for the beginning of agriculture, harvesting and selection, through transportation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, preservation, transportation and distribution to reach the consumer.

Areas of Food Engineering
Machinery and instruments
Which involves the manufacture of mechanical devices consisting of food processing devices, pressure vessels for the preparation of foods quickly, the devices used in the processes of separation and mixing and extraction ... Etc.

Extractive Industries in the field of food
Such as Nectar extract, food extracts. These processes include the use of physical separation strategies by evaporation, condensation, distillation, centrifugation, filtration, etc.

Which deals with the industries related to food products such as fermentation and cheese processing, alternative protein ..... etc.

Synthetic Industries
Specialized in the manufacture of dietary supplements, preparation and installation of health-integrated foods according to the research of immunity and the sciences of Interactions Nutrition, such as infant feeders and foods of the elderly ..... etc.

Scientific Research of Nutrition Science Food Scientific Research
The best Turkish universities that teach this specialization
University of Istanbul
Izmir University of Economics
University of