A branch of informatics aims to develop a set of foundations and rules that lead to improved methods of design and development of software at all levels, in a way that meets the needs of users. Software engineering does not care to write the program itself, but rather tries to improve the development process, and make the program from the specifications set by the professional ending when the problem of maintenance or expansion of the program. It is based on the study of the needs of the user and the design of the appropriate program before writing his chip, and taking into account many aspects such as the ability to develop the program easily later, or speed, or the possibility of adding attachments to it dynamically.

The Department teaches these skills through several courses, including:

Courses on which basic knowledge is required to study specialization, such as mathematics, English, Arabic, and computer usage.
Specialized courses focusing on building software skills.
Courses of software engineering, Management of software projects, Software designing.
Software modeling and analysis, software auditing, and quality assurance.
Courses of systems analysis, programming of regular and physical databases.
Finally, the student finishes his studies in this specialization with a project in which he summarizes what he learned during the study period.

Stages of building the system
Requirements Analysis
During this phase, the program development team identifies the requirements and objectives they want to reach through the program. These requirements are usually specific to the customer, and the cost and quality issues should be taken into consideration.

At the design stage, the team develops ideas on how to design the program. Here we discuss what is the best programming language or programming environment that can be used to implement the program required by the specific requirements.

After defining the requirements and objectives, agreeing on the programming language and setting the program's basic guidelines and structure, the team implements a Prototype Prototype for the program.

In the testing phase, the team tests their program and ensures that it fulfills all the required functions, within the standards and requirements established.

Development Evolution
After completing the testing phase, making sure that the program is effective and performing the required function with the best efficiency and less cost, the team works to find ways to develop the program, add new features and make it more efficient and efficient.

Turkey's distinguished universities in software engineering
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Izmir University of Economics
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University of Doguch
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